Women Helping Women: Looking for Help

Jan 28, 2021 | Justice, News

Laurie Wick, founder of Women Helping Women, wanted to share a recent exchange between her and Nicholas Kristof, author of Half the Sky, and hope that it will inspire you to join in our upcoming Women Helping Women (WHW) projects.

Nick, You changed my life by inspiring me to start Women-Helping-Women ten years ago after I heard you speak about your book Half the Sky. WHW has 125 members now. We have made a LOT of difference in girls/women’s lives over the years. Even during the pandemic we are serving 80-100 meals/month at the local women’s homeless shelter. Thank you for your inspiration. I am reading Tightrope now. – Laurie Wick

Laurie, As a writer, I love to hear this kind of thing. I’m so moved by people who read what I write, in a book or column, and do something. So thank you! – Nicholas

Volunteer or Donate to Women Helping Women

WHW has been able to provide meals to homeless women at the Bellevue Sophia Way shelter three times each month since September. Hurrah! Much gratitude to our three teams:

  • Team 1: JoAnne Way, Sue Abbott, Caroline Haessly;
  • Team 2: Connie Hirnle, Suzanne Tessaro, Elaine Richlie/Gayle Knoepfler;
  • Team 3: Azar Bergeson, Karen Jones, Verna Harms, Paula Pedroso.

A fourth team is desired. If you can volunteer, contact Laurie. You can also provide financial help by donating to ESUC and putting Women Helping Women in the memo line. Your donations go to East Shore’s Operating Fund, which supports WHW and other programs.