Ceremony of Naming & Dedication

We believe that every person is born with inherent worth and dignity. We believe that we are born in love and not in sin; therefore, we celebrate a new life with a Ceremony of Naming and Dedication. This ceremony is typically celebrated within a Sunday Worship Service, but it is also held at other times and places that meet a family’s needs.

In the Ceremony parents publicly acknowledge the privilege and responsibility of being parents to their child/children. The unique gift of each child is represented by the bestowal of his or her own name and is symbolized by the gift of a budding rose dipped in water from the sea. Finally the gathered community welcomes the child by name and dedicates itself to doing what it can to support the parents and the child in growing into the person she or he is meant to be.

Usually a Ceremony of Naming and Dedication is celebrated within the first year of life. Children and families often come into congregational life without previous religious affiliation or the opportunity to express their love and commitment to their children within the context of their religious and spiritual values. And we modify the ritual in the Ceremony of Naming and Dedication to be more meaningful and appropriate for older children.

The Ceremony is scheduled variously through the church year. Call (425) 747-3780, for more information or to participate in the next Ceremony of Naming and Dedication.