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Do You Like Your Life?

Some years ago, seemingly out of the blue, the question, “Do You Like Your Life,” brashly intruded itself into the forefront of my consciousness. This sermon will explore the various angles from which I then approached this question.

Bruce A. Bode, a native of Lynden, … read more.

Water Communion

Annual ingathering and re-commitment ceremony where members and friends are invited to bring a vial of water symbolic of their summer activities and pour it into a common bowl with a few words about the days ahead. After service, all are invited to our annual … read more.

Four Paths, Four Yogas

The Hindu faith, recognizing that different people processes information—including “spiritual” information—differently, recognize four different yogas (jnana, bhakti, karma, raja) for the four different types of people (reflective, heart centered, work centered, and body centered) *Please note, we return to two services this week, at 9:00 … read more.