Join us on Sunday morning online! See below for a list of upcoming services.

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Love is the Doctrine…. To This We Covenant

Please join for the second interactive service about the words we say each Sunday. “What is a sacrament? What does prayer mean to you? How can we find truth when we can’t agree on facts? How does these words align with our mission?

To virtually attend, … read more.

Pick Up Your Cross, and Come On

We see it more clearly now than we have in any of our lifetimes – racial disparity, gender disparity, class disparity, ability disparity, and so much more. As religious progressives, we’d like to imagine ourselves exempt from the narrative that defines these chasms in the … read more.

Showing Up

Join Pam Orbach and Amanda Uluhan as in the fullness of the summer. What is ours to hold as the world changes, What does it mean to show up? We focus on the experience of parenting and families.

Pam Orbach began her career as a middle … read more.