All worship services are at 10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary.

Dharma Day

This will be a celebration of Dharma Day – the day dedicated to the Buddha’s first teachings (after his enlightenment) The service will cover the Four Noble Truths which form the basis of Buddhism:

Suffering exists
Suffering arises from attachment to desires
Suffering ceases when attachment to desire … read more.

Faithfully Creedless

Unitarian Universalism is considered a “creedless” religion. What on earth does that mean, and how does one practice such a faith?  This sermon follows the lead of Socrates who, because he “knew nothing except the fact of his ignorance,” kept asking questions–all in hopes of … read more.

Grief’s Silver Lining

Most of us were raised to hide our emotions, but authentically feeling and expressing a range of emotions in a trusted community can be life affirming.  Daniel will introduce us to grief work and its benefits.

Child’s Play

When was the last time you raced a matchbox car, or rolled a playdough snake? How long has it been since you told a great knock knock joke or colored with a brand new crayon?
Today we’ll learn from the experts on childhood and see … read more.