Become a Member

We offer a liberal religious community in which people freely explore, develop and celebrate the meanings, values and purposes of their lives.

Reasons for Membership

  • To affirm the purposes and principles of our free religious tradition.
  • To enjoy a community of kindred spirits where you feel safe, welcomed, appreciated, and respected.
  • To experience spiritual growth for yourself and your children.
  • To find beliefs and values put into action through social outreach and education.

We require no creedal tests and no professions of dogma or doctrine. For us, membership is a covenant to walk together in fellowship and love. We ask only for an honest desire to participate in and support the life and work of the congregation.

Categories Membership

Only Voting & Legacy Members may vote at congregational meetings. Categories of membership are as followed:

  • Voting Member: Active members who have completed the Pathway to Membership and continue to be an active participate in the East Shore community.
  • Legacy Member: Valued member of our community who are no longer able to physically participate in the life of the church. Must be a Voting Member first.
  • Friend: Active participant who has contributed to the community with their time, talent, or treasure. Not eligible to vote or hold positions on the Board, Board Committees or those teams designed for members in their charter.

Paths To Membership

There are MANY ways to become a member of East Shore, but all involve a few steps:

  • Practice Love: From offering a listening ear, delivering a meal, or even getting your hands dirty.
  • Explore Spirituality: One of the great things about Unitarian Universalism is having many religious traditions. We invite you to explore them all.
  • Build Community: From potlucks to choir, eating to activities, we want you to begin building relationships!
  • Promote Justice: A huge part of who we are is our desire to help others, we hope you find a way to serve other along side us.

You can read more about how our Pathway to Membership started here.

Contact our Director of Membership Development to get started:

“I come to East Shore to be with and learn from warm, wise, and witty people, to join in community and global action groups, to be moved and inspired by powerful services and wonderful music, and to keep growing my spirit and expanding my contributions.” -Barb Clagett