Providing faith formation and educational learning opportunities

Religious education takes a lifetime. It happens both within and beyond a congregation’s walls. We strive to guide one another—all ages among us—in learning, personal change, and living with integrity, joy, courage, and connection. The Religious Education program at East Shore Unitarian Church is designed to create the conditions in which people feel invited into their deep, interior places and to explore beliefs, values, and meaning in the context of individual and community growth. We sing, light candles, explore new ideas, talk together at meals, serve the community, plant seeds in our community garden, and welcome each person who comes through our door. We read and make meals. We learn how to listen and share, how to cooperate and empathize. Each and every act we do together is a path to spiritual growth where we are unfolding how it is that we can be the best humans we can be.

“The great end in religious instruction is not to stamp our minds upon the young, but to stir up their own; not to make them see with our eyes, but to look inquiringly and steadily with their own….In a word, the great end is to awaken the soul, to excite and cherish spiritual life.” —William Ellery Channing

    Children & Youth

    Our programs are designed to build Resilient, Confident and Compassionate children and youth, fulfilling East Shore’s mission as a radically inclusive community that practices love, explores spirituality, builds community, and promotes justice. Learn more about registration, volunteer opportunities, tuition, curriculum, and more.

    Adult Programs

    Learn about classes and series offered to our adult members. Congregants are vital to ensuring continual learning opportunities for adults at East Shore.

    Sexuality Education

    Learn about Our Whole Lives (OWL), a lifespan, comprehensive sexuality education program, inclusive and holistic in its approach, a collaboration between the Unitarian Universalist Association and United Church of Christ.


    We have a variety of books available for seekers to borrow. You can see which books we have by checking our online catalog. Please call the office to have a book held.