Religious Education Programs

Whether your family has been engaged in East Shore for 10 years or 10 seconds, we have something to support you all during COVID-19. Come get plugged into fall programs for children and youth.

Enrollment for Children and Youth

Please register each year. All children MUST be registered to participate in RE.

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Children & Youth at East Shore

East Shore Unitarian Church (ESUC) offers a vibrant, high-quality religious exploration (RE) program for children and youth. This year, we are offering in person RE programs. Children MUST be Registered to attend.

East Shore is made up of an every growing group of diverse people, gathering together to support one another in a values-centered and affirming spiritual life journey. Many of our families are multifaith, some new to UU, some believing in mystery and awe, and some steeped in the traditions of their ancestors, and many still coming from faiths that didn’t quite fit. This pluralistic well is our strength, this diversity is our beauty.

Our children and youth develop a strong Unitarian Universalist identity by building relationships throughout East Shore community, whether it be through participation in classes, groups, worship, coffee hour, all ages events, or social justice projects. In all of these endeavors, our Learning programs support and nurture the spiritual and ethical lives of the children and youth, as well as those of the adult volunteers and advisors. Health and Safety are our utmost priority, and throughout our programs, we hold a high standard for communication and choice. At East Shore, we offer a welcoming and safe learning environment.

We want our children to enjoy learning! We offer many opportunities for children and youth to get involved and become active participates in their own spiritual growth. Their own experiences, curiosity, and questions are at the center of our teachings. Children and youth co-create our programming spontaneously through dialogue and deepening relationship. When we get to know one another in a heart-centered, justice-centered manner, spirituality and deep meaning emerge. In conversation, our adult volunteers are taught how to empower children and youth to be the best people we can be. Our covenantal community is our container and Unitarian Universalist is our guide.

We want our children and youth to feel comfortable explaining to others what it means to be UU. We work hard to build strong relationships among participants and to cultivate a feeling among our children and youth that ESUC is their home.

Through regular and lifelong participation in religious exploration, children and youth can learn how to navigate the complex world and onto values and principles as anchors in a storm or as stars in the sky. Parents and volunteers in RE learn alongside them.

Upcoming Events for Families, Kids & Youth

Join us for any or all of our RE programming this year!

Children MUST be Registered.

RE: Multi Platform

RE: Multi Platform

Date Sunday, May 22Time 10:00 am - 10:30 am

Join on the 2nd and 4th Sundays thru June for online and in person religious exploration. We’ll be learning about some of the foundational stories that help govern the wisdom of our Unitarian Universalist identity and have time for connection and sharing.

Volunteer in our Programs

We lift up our mission of building community, promoting justice, exploring spirituality, and practicing love. We need two adults in each outdoor space. How might you be a part of this vital work?

  • Two adults for each grade
  • Volunteers can be co-leaders or “seconds”
  • Grades: K-3, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
  • Background check for all volunteers who work with children, youth, and vulnerable populations. We use UUA Safety Guidelines.
  • Adults must show proof of vaccination. All will remain masked. 

Tips to Make Church Programs More Fun!

  • Attend regularly. Consistent attendance allows your child the opportunity to develop friendships, become better acquainted with the teachers, and develop continuity and increased understanding of the material. Parents who possess an attitude of cheerful expectancy about weekly church attendance have less difficulty keeping children involved. On Sundays without classes, share your worship experience with your children.
  • Dress for active participation. Our outdoor classes are creative, active places with movement, glue, paint, games, etc.
  • Familiarize yourself with the regular activities of the classes. Talk with your child and the teachers about the activities in the class. Keep informed through the newsletter, and participate in church events together.
  • Share your own religious beliefs with your children. We encourage you to learn along with your child as you take a spiritual journey together. Support and encourage your child, wherever they are on the religious journey. Recognize that your child’s religious needs may differ from your own. Many children have a need for ritual, structure, and definitive answers to difficult questions. Seek out the answers and support you need. Although you are your children’s primary religious educator, you are not alone!
  • Share some of your time and talents. Parental involvement is a key ingredient to your child’s positive experience at church and the success of our program. When you are connected and having fun, so will your child.
  • Always feel free to call on the religious education staff, teacher, minister, or Lifelong Learning committee member with your questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you for your support, your participation is greatly appreciated!

Contact us

To connect directly with families with children and youth at East Shore,  join the Families at East Shore Unitarian Church Facebook group.

Have more questions?

Please reach out to our Director of Religious Education, Amanda Uluhan.


All of our programming with children and youth requires two, unrelated adults be present in a room. This creates a safer community with a network of accountability. We encourage you to support having two adults in the room by volunteering regularly in RE programs and events and stepping in when needed to be the second adult when others are not available.

All staff and volunteers who work with children and youth receive training to support their work; have had background checks prior to being approved; and are stationed in classes with at least one other adult.

Adults who volunteer with regularity are required to have a background check, run through our insurance, Church Mutual that contracts with Trusted Employees.

Minors, 0 through 18, must be under the direct supervision of parents/guardians or must be signed into and involved with religious education programming. Unsupervised minors in hallways, on the playground, in classrooms, or wandering around will be escorted to a classroom or to find their parent/guardian.