Lifelong Learning and Religious Education (R.E.)

We provide children, youth, young adults, and adults consistent and continual opportunities to explore, reflect, and learn in a nurturing spiritual community.

Our Unitarian Universalist religious education programs offer all ages, inspiring:

  • Ethical growth – internalizing enduring values like justice, equity, and compassion, and gaining tools to act on them in everyday life.
  • Social growth – connecting with peers and people of all ages on a deeper level. Finding acceptance among people who see beyond the superficial.
  • Spiritual growth – feeling a connection with the sacred within, among, and beyond us.


Click here to register for 2018-2019 Religious Education (R.E.)

September 23, 2018 through May 19, 2019, we will offer R.E. children and youth program at our 9 and 11 a.m. services. Keep reading to find out more. From May 26, 2019, through the summer, we return to one Sunday morning worship service.


What happens on Sunday morning?

Children and youth are invited to stay in the Sanctuary during worship service, or to attend one of the following Sunday morning R.E. programs.

9 a.m. Children and Youth Program: Spring Hall

Each Sunday morning in Spring Hall, we offer an innovative 9 a.m. program. During the Sanctuary 9 a.m. worship, children and youth meet in a multi-age setting to explore the principles through play and practice. We integrate worship, ritual, songs & music, story, and curriculum activities to provide a meaningful way to build community and explore spirituality, together. Children ages 4 or 5 through high school will have opportunities to enhance self-confidence, nurture multi-generational relationships, and ask important questions.



11 a.m. Children and Youth Programs: Upstairs in the Education Building

Our 11 a.m. programs are aged-based groups using the Unitarian Universalist Tapestry of Faith curriculum.

To learn what’s happening in our classes, please look here:

K-1: Wonderful Welcome

2-3: Faithful Journeys

4-5: Windows and Mirrors

6-8, Middle school youth group: Riddle & Mystery

9-12, High school youth group: youth-selected Tapestry of Faith curriculum, along with monthly social and volunteer activities to develop community, deepen values, and explore spirituality. Write to to join our Facebook group and weekly newsletter.



How can I get participate?

Visitors and guests are welcome to attend Religious Education (R.E.) Classes on a drop-in basis. On the third visit we request that the family registers their child for class. Click here to register for R.E.

Our R.E. classes are all volunteer-lead. Our staff support volunteer congregants, providing training, assistance, and preparation for the classes. Parent/guardian volunteers are asked to help four times each church year, with classroom, prep, or special events. R.E. teachers are in the classrooms at both 9 and 11 a.m. programs, one to four times a month.

Did you know that we have a weekly R.E. newsletter? Each week, we email out updates regarding our programming, events, and other important information. Click here to sign up.

Aisha Hauser, Director of Lifelong Learning for general information, and for support for your family and children.

Amanda Uluhan, R.E. Programs Coordinator for children and youth registration, and how to get involved volunteering or teaching.

You can learn more about our staff who work in the Lifelong Learning department at East Shore here.

Please email us at anytime, or call 425-747-3780 to reach the church administrative offices.


What happens outside of Sunday morning R.E. programs for Children and Youth?

We offer additional programs on a sign-up basis, and which require pre-registration, including Human Sexuality programs, Our Whole Lives (OWL), youth Coming of Age year-long program, and various Lifelong Learning Adult programs. These programs require pre-registration to participate, and offer a more in-depth opportunity for participants to learn and engage with the course-content.


Here are some of our Past Events:

Summer R.E. runs June 17 through September 2: join us! These programs are multi-age and inclusive.

This summer, we’re offering two multi-age opportunities for children at 10am, during Sunday morning worship. LeAnne will be in the RE building inventing, creating, and playing games with the class. We’ll use materials around campus and then implement a new game each week. Amanda will be in the P-Patch each week, teaching about caring for the earth, plants, soil, and water. This is our garden ministry program. Children and youth are able to go to either class throughout the summer, you don’t have to pick just one! Parents will sign in and pick up ages 10 and under from the classes.