East Shore Gallery

In January 2018, a new team took responsibility for the East Shore Gallery. This team, Gallery: Art on Campus, is responsible for:

  • To bring art and beauty into the campus of East Shore Unitarian church
  • To help make the interior of the buildings welcoming and inviting
  • Keep and inventory list of all art at East Shore
  • Manage potential new pieces as well as when to retire/donate/sell old pieces

To make this happen, the team is taking a step back to install professional picture rails and paint the gallery space. We look forward to bringing new, exciting shows for years to come!

East Shore Gallery

East Shore Gallery, founded in 1967, is one of the oldest galleries on the Eastside. The Gallery provides a venue for Northwest artists, and arts exposure and enjoyment for the community. Entirely volunteer-run, the Gallery mounts several themed shows each year, plus an annual holiday show. Volunteers curate each show, carefully selecting artists whose work fits with the theme. Shows include art across a variety of media—paintings, prints, ceramics, fiber art, sculpture, baskets, wood, and a wide array of jewelry.

For more information about the gallery committee, please contact Nicole Duff, Membership Development Manager.

Documents & History

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East Shore Gallery Contributions
2017 Gallery Survey Summary