P-Patch Summer Update

by Ann Fletcher

P-Patch Ministry Team is grateful to everyone who participated in our online plant start and dahlia tuber sale last month. We hope that everyone is enjoying watching the growth of their veggies and flowers, and that they will continue to get much pleasure from them throughout the summer and early fall. Gardens and nature can be so healing, especially in during these challenging times.

From the proceeds we plan to make a $500 donation this month to Hope Link’s Pandemic food program.

In other news, we are excited to have the new raised bed plant boxes completed in the Memorial Court between the Administration and Multi-Purpose Buildings. Many thanks to Nick Langrock and his family for completing that task as an Eagle Scout project. These raised bed boxes will be used mostly for Religious Education lessons and activities.

Soon Kyle Velasco will complete his Eagle Scout project—two long raised beds in the sunny grassy area just west of the Memorial Garden. The P-Patch is also supporting this project. These raised beds will be available through the P-Patch for members to grow plants, especially those who don’t have garden space where they live.

Once things get back more to normal we will all be able to enjoy both of the new raised bed areas and use them to bring health and food justice to East Shore and to our community. We are also still salvaging plants and materials from the old P-Patch. It will be available for our use until the Holly House Sale closes—over a year and a half away. If interested in participating in this type of gardening, please contact Ann at fletcherann@msn.com.