How Can I Pay My Pledge?

There are many pledge payment options:  Automatic Bank Withdrawal (ACH), Credit Card, Check, Cash and others. However you choose to pay, we very much value your contribution!

Automatic Bank Withdrawals: Monthly Automatic Bank Withdrawals are our preferred method of payment. These payments can be easily imported into our accounting software; they provide us with a predictable cash flow and they do not have associated fees. The easiest way to set up an automatic bank withdrawal is to attach a voided check to your updated pledge form. Lucy Rahman, our Full Charge Bookkeeper, will ensure it is set up correctly. Your recurring withdrawal will continue until you cancel it in writing. If you currently pay your pledge by ACH, you only need to complete a new pledge form to change your recurring amount.

Credit Cards: Some people like credit cards both for their convenience and their perks. The church certainly accepts credit card payments, but bear in mind that the banks charge a fee of several percentage points, so the church receives less than your donated amount. You may set up recurring credit card payments through the ACS Member Portal, accessed via our website. If you select as an end date “Until I Cancel” then you do not have to redo your pledge each year!

Charitable Foundation Giving: A small, but growing, number of members support the church through directed philanthropic accounts. The donor does not give directly to the church but to a charitable foundation (such as the charitable foundation of the Vanguard Investment Group), which then distributes the funds when and where the donor directs. This method of managing donations works especially well for people with variable incomes who wish to take tax deductions in “fat” years but distribute their giving more evenly over time. Accounting for foundation gifts and crediting them to the East Shore members is a little complicated as foundation money cannot be used to fulfill personal pledges (Vanguard clearly states this, for example).  Nonetheless the church can certainly accept donations in this form. Please contact Lucy Rahman to set this up.

Checks and Cash: These can be placed in an envelope in the Accounting Specialist’s mailbox, or in the Offering plate each Sunday. Be sure they are clearly marked with your name and “Pledge”.

Payroll Deductions and Employer Matching Gifts: Some members have opted to utilize incentive programs at their place of employment to fulfill their pledge. Lucy Rahman can assist by answering your questions and by providing any required documentation. Some larger organizations will not provide matching gifts directly to a religious organization, but will use a third party such as Benevity.  If you would like to utilize this option, please contact Lucy.

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