Endowment: Ensuring the Future

Dec 21, 2020 | Members News

How can we help ensure that East Shore Unitarian Church will be a beacon of liberal religion in Bellevue, and a force for good in the Pacific Northwest, for many years to come?

One way is to help provide a firm financial footing. Many years ago, way back in 1981, several visionary members who wanted to keep our church secure in the event of financial crisis created an Endowment Fund. They hoped that by contributing money into this fund, and leaving it untouched, it would grow into something big that could cushion the church when there were “down times.”

They were right! Because of their vision and their action, here we are 30 years later with over a million dollars in the bank! And the endowment has now allowed us to close significant shortfalls in our annual budget for two years running, while we wrestle with the big issues critical to our health and future as a Unitarian Church. What a wonderful gift they have given us!

It is, perhaps, a difficult time to ask church members to do their part to continue this tradition and fund the endowment for future generations. But the difficult is far from impossible. For many of us, the COVID crisis isn’t a financial crisis, and we remain able to support East Shore. Please consider making a gift to the Endowment Fund.

by Craig Nelsen, Endowment Chair