Farewell and Hello: Staff Changes

Jul 10, 2017 | News

One of our Caretakers, Chris Gower, left us at the end of June and a new caretaker, Melih U., has joined us. Chris has been worked at East Shore for about a year and a half. He and our other caretaker, Alan, have worked together to setup for events, open and close buildings, and to clean and maintain the buildings.

Chris has enjoyed his work at East Shore but is ready to pursue his interest in marine biology. Chris will be working with a company called Whooshh helping develop their “salmon cannon” in the Yakima River and will be preparing for his master’s degree in Marine Biology. A salmon cannon is a way to move fish over dams. Chris began to train his replacement in June.

Melih (may-lee) U., is a native of Turkey who discovered our church through one of the dinners hosted at East Shore with the Muslim community. His interaction with Rev. Elaine and others inspired him to volunteer in the front office where he heard about the Caretaker opening. Melih appreciates a sense of community and has an interest in banking and international finance. Please introduce yourself to Melih when you see him around campus!