Rev. María Cristina in Mistakes & Miracles Video

Rev. María Cristina in Mistakes & Miracles Video

In the fall, several of you joined me in a book club on the UU Common Read “Mistakes & Miracles.” It led to great discussions and included a Sunday worship service with Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones and Karin Lin as guests.

Recently, I was invited by Karin and Nancy to join them and Rev. Michael Crumpler in making a video about Mistakes & Miracles. You can watch the video here. Enjoy!

by Rev. Dr. María Cristina Vlassidis Burgoa

RE-Flections: Winter Fun

RE-Flections: Winter Fun

MLK Reflection

Thirteen children gathered with one of our teen volunteers, one adult volunteer, and two religious education staff for a fun holiday camp on Monday January 16, 2023. We made new friends, learned some new songs, talked about love, peace, and Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday camps are a great way to spend some more time at church, provide free childcare to parents, and reach out to neighbors of East Shore. We’d love to have you join or volunteer with us at our other upcoming events!

Snowshoeing Reflection

East Shore high school youth ventured up to Snoqualmie Pass and the Pacific Crest Trailhead for an afternoon of snowshoeing, fire, and winter shelter building. We loved extra time outdoors and had fun getting to know each other more. Thank you chaperones Mark Norelius and Taya Montgomery!

Blues and Jazz Appreciation (BAJA) Club

Blues and Jazz Appreciation (BAJA) Club

I am starting a new social group at East Shore and  need five people to volunteer so we can create an official Church affinity team.

This is what I am thinking:

  • Open to ESUC friends and members. singles, couples, partnered (whose significant others don’t dig this type of music)
  • Quarterly outings to listen to live blues or jazz music in our region. (As the group grows it can be more frequent)
  • Eastside and Seattle venues
  • Free to fancy events
  • Amateur, local bands to national acts
  • Indoors or outdoors

I am committed to keeping up our email list and doing the publicity for the upcoming events, but I am looking for event ambassadors help make this happen.

Event Ambassadors will:

  • Gather all event info. and forward it to me.
  • Be the lead for an event and gather the RSVPs.
  • Arrange for carpooling from East Shore if needed.
  • Purchase tickets for the group in advance if that is needed (you will be reimbursed by those attending).

Interested in joining this fun new social group? Email Jeanne Lamont

State Legislature Needs to Hear from You!

State Legislature Needs to Hear from You!

Are you overwhelmed with emails asking you to act on legislative proposals? Or do you want a way to easily voice your opinion about important bills?

I have found that the 350 WA Civic Action Team (CAT) twice a week emails spot on in providing an easy way to take a few actions that only take 5-10 minutes of your time.  The bi-weekly email  lists the bills with top priority for the week—many because are deadlines for comments. After the brief explanation of the bill, click on a link to register your Pro or Con position on a bill. You may add a comment, but it is not required.

350WA says: “We recognize that folks don’t always have time to get all the way through our actions, and that is okay! Every little bit helps. Like last year, we’re indicating actions as having different priorities, in order to make it easier for you to allocate your time. We just ask that you get through as many sections as you can and then scroll to the bottom and click the orange “Done” button to submit. This way we can keep an accurate tally of how many actions the CAT campaign takes this session.

We’re thrilled you are with us; together we can have a significant impact in making our state a leader in climate action and social justice!”

Here is the link to join the CAT:

by Kristi Weir, Chair, Earth & Climate Action Ministry Team

2022 Giving Tree a Success!

2022 Giving Tree a Success!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

The 2022 Giving Tree Ministry is complete and the tallies are in! This year we supported 6 agencies that reach out to people in need. Those agencies are: Childhaven, Friends of Youth, Hopelink, Sound Mental Health, The Sophia Way, and YouthCare.

We received a total of 220 requests. Many of these requests were fulfilled directly by you! Included in the 220 tags were 113 gift cards totaling $4180. Additionally, we received approximately $840 in monetary donations. This money was used to fulfill the remaining requests. Altogether, we were able to fulfill 208 of the requested donations through your generous donations. There were also quite a few unsolicited gifts that were passed along.

The Giving Tree Ministry team was led by Kathie Moritis and Janis Pock. They were assisted by Nancy Bissel, Paula Doe, Jan Fleck, Marian Hayes, Milly Mullarky, Peggy Phillips, Elaine Richlie, and Trish Webb. Several members of this ministry have participated for many years and will be retiring. If you are interested in participating – now is a good time to let your intentions be known!  It is not too early to plan ahead! The commitment time is limited and there are various tasks to be accomplished. We need your help to continue this ministry! Elf hats and aprons are provided!

Please contact Janis Pock with questions or to volunteer.

Thank you very much for your generosity! You have made a difference in the lives of others.

Khasi Hills Update: February 2023

Khasi Hills Update: February 2023

When I contacted Rev. Darihun Khriam via WhatsApp for news of our Khasi partners, I was prepared to hear about some unanticipated joys and sorrows. But I didn’t expect her to be at Bethany Hospital in Shillong with her youngest sister Barisuk, an attorney and magistrate, awaiting word from a doctor. Barisuk and Danny’s six week old son (who as yet has no name, per Khasi tradition) had been in isolation on the “baby ward” for the past two days for diagnostic tests and treatment of a severe viral infection. Darihun was there to offer the pastoral support she also lovingly provides to congregational members who are ill or in crisis. Her middle sister Sanihun would take her place when Darihun had to leave to perform a wedding in Puriang or work at the UUNEI office later that week.

Darihun has been the primary minister for the Smit and Kharang congregations since before the turn of the century… before we knew that India has the third largest population of Unitarians of any nation. But preaching on Sundays is only a small part of all she does. As the only woman minister in the Unitarian Union of North East India (UUNEI), she is often called by other congregations in the Khasi Hills (there are more than 40) to preside at weddings, naming ceremonies, or other functions. She recently unveiled the painting honoring the retiring teachers at the Friendship School that East Shore supports. And she has spent most of the 15+ years of our partnership as the Financial Secretary of UUNEI, a role that became increasingly challenging under new Indian government regulations concerning foreign contributions.

And now, with so many volunteers forced to resign their positions, Darihun has taken on the huge responsibility of becoming the General Secretary of the UUNEI, charged with administration of all the resolutions adopted by the UUNEI Board and officers. Rev. Darihun Khriam, like Rev. Maria Cristina, is indeed an amazing woman, lovingly dedicated to her family and her faith. (Darihun and her husband Lambok also raised three beautiful and talented children since we’ve known her.) Let us hope and pray that she remains happy and healthy, and lets her light shine upon the nearly 10,000 Unitarians in North East India who love and respect her so much.

by Roger Corn