Music Notes: Holiday Joy!

by Eric Lane Barnes, Interim Director of Music

Many musical projects that have been in the works since September come to fruition in December. While the light fades more quickly from the afternoon sky, while trees shed their last crispy leaves, while the underground bulbs … read more.

President’s Report: December 2018

by Tom Doe, Board President

I am writing this as I am a plane returning from a business trip in the Bay Area. Last night I stayed near the Sacramento airport, and I had a chance to chat with the shuttle driver. She was describing … read more.

Give to East Shore this Holiday Season

May you
have the gladness
of Christmas
Which is hope;
The spirit of Christmas
Which is peace;
The heart
of Christmas
Which is love.

Dear East Shore members and friends,

The above poem, by Ada V. Hendricks, pretty much sums up the essence of … read more.

December & Holiday 2018 Events

Holiday Dedications & Poinsettias: November 25, December 2, 9, 16, & 21

The holiday season is the perfect time to celebrate the people we love. The Flower Team is offering the opportunity to remember those with a donation for a poinsettia. Each plant is $25, … read more.

Holly House Education Sessions

As we approach the time to vote on the sale of Holly House, the Task Force is committed to providing communication, conversations and education to create clarity and transparency about important and relevant issues. In that spirit, there are two important education topics available … read more.

Understanding & Embracing Differences This Saturday

Understanding & Embracing Differences: A Workshop for Parents and Caregivers on Anti-Bias Principles and Practices: Saturday, November 17, 10:00 am-1:00 pm

Research shows children as young as 6 months old are able to categorize people by race. By 4 and 5 years old, children start … read more.

From the Minister: Trust

by Rev. Dr. Stephen H. Furrer, Developmental Minister

The radical center of Universalism comes down to this: Trust. Trust yourself; you’re okay. Trust nature; it’s basically benevolent. Trust each other; human nature, when left to unfold naturally, will do so with love and creativity.

This attitude … read more.

President’s Report: November 2018

by Tom Doe, Board President

On October 20, the Board held its annual retreat. In attendance were the Board members, as well as Rev. Steve Furrer, Asia Hauser, and Jason Puracal, who are ex officio non-voting members. Also invited for the morning portion of the … read more.

“Dream BIG” For Music at East Shore!

by Amanda Strombom, John Chmaj, and Jennifer Sumner

A group of more than twenty East Shore members met recently to “Dream BIG” for expanding and evolving the music programming at East Shore. The benefits of a vibrant music program are well established. Great music can inspire … read more.

Multigenerational Services

by Amanda Alice Uluhan, RE Programs Coordinator

We’ve been talking a lot about how we can include everyone, of all ages, learning styles, and identities in our services. Our congregation, like any community, is constantly changing. We grow and age, families transform, newcomers are welcomed, … read more.

Directory Photo Redo!

by Nicole Duff, Membership Development Manager

Some of you have all expressed a desire to have your photo taken or re-taken for the next rendition of the ESUC directory!

The date we have set is Wednesday, December 5, with times from 12:00-8:00 p.m. Your appointment should … read more.