Gifts come in many forms, money, time, energy, passion, talents, and efforts. A joyous part of our responsibility is to use these gifts well, on behalf of those in need.

Ways to Give

Cash or Check

  • Sunday offering plate: Please place your cash or check in the offering plate during the Sunday worship service.
  • Deliver to Church Office: Please bring your offering to the East Shore Office.
  • Mail in to the church: Mail to East Shore Unitarian Church, 12700 SE 32nd Street, Bellevue, WA 98005.

Online Giving

East Shore uses Realm for their online giving option. Please use this link to make payments towards pledges or for one time payments. Please make sure you mark if the payment as Pledge or Other (NonPledge) and use the memo line if it is for a specific item or event. Please contact Vanessa, our Bookkeeper, if you need assistance.

Online Bill Pay

Many banks and financial institutions now offer a convenient online bill pay option. You can set up a one-time or recurring payment directly through your bank. The bank will cut the check for you and send it directly to East Shore. Call your bank for more information.

Employer Matching

Looking to make your giving dollars go further? Check to see if your company has a matching plan in place. Many companies (including Boeing, Costco & more) will match all or part of your gifts to East Shore. Please note that some employers also match for giving time towards charitable causes.

Stock Donations

There are tremendous tax advantages in giving appreciated stock held for more than one year. Donating the stock to the church eliminates potential capital gains taxes. If you wish to donate stock to East Shore, you will need to use two forms: one to notify East Shore of your donation (our broker will not release any donor information to us) and the second to give to your broker to effect the transfer. Both forms can be downloaded here.

Endowment (Planned Giving)

The endowment fund was established in 1981 by several visionary members who wished to keep our church secure in the event of a severe financial crisis. They also wanted a way to fund equipment and program needs that fall outside our operating and capital budgets. The fund is invested in a diversified portfolio of equities and bonds and has been growing over the years. Our fund is professionally managed.

A planned gift focuses on future needs. It will help secure the continuation of ministries, create new programs and outreach, provide improvements of church buildings, and more.

Benefits of planned giving

Planned giving will not affect your current lifestyle and will cost you nothing during your lifetime. Different types of planned giving can provide tax benefits under the current tax laws. Remember, you don’t need to have a large estate or to be wealthy to make a significant contribution to our church.

Here are some examples of planned giving:

  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Pooled Income Fund
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
  • Gifts of Real Estate
  • Gifts of Will

For more information, contact the East Shore Office at 425-747-3780.

Why Give?

We need to grow the Endowment to provide long-term financial security and a sense of abundance for East Shore. The principle of the Fund is and emergency reserve that provides stability in times of uncertainty. Each year income from the fund supports important projects that would otherwise exhaust the annual budgets: playground, sound system, hymnals, computers….

Contact the church office at 425-747-3780 if you have questions.