What to Bring (and not to bring) to Seabeck

What to Bring to Seabeck?

While packing, focus on the essentials you need personally and for other family members (make sure to check weather conditions as we are outside quite a bit at Seabeck!) and some things that might add to your enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.

Some suggestions:

  • Each person: Consider bringing a personal mug for beverages, flashlight, backpack, and water bottle. Be sure to label your stuff! When camp closes, unidentified objects will be donated to charity.
  • Adults: Directions to Seabeck and ferry/bridge toll money. Notebook or journal, pen, bird guide, binoculars, camera. Money for books, Seabeck souvenirs, snacks and incidentals (small but well-stocked General Store outside the property across the bridge and street, pizza, coffee shop, etc.).
  • Kids: Sleeping bag and pillow for possible Youth overnight, stories and books for story time, quarters for ping-pong balls, money for trips to General Store across the road.
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing: Jacket, rain gear, cap, gloves, sweater, sweatshirt, boots, umbrella, swimsuit?? – you get the picture… Pacific Northwest attire!
  • For your room: Personal essentials, medications, robe & slippers, maybe earplugs, extension cord, nightlight. (Note: Seabeck provides bedding, towels, wash- cloths, soap, and shampoo. Most bathrooms are shared; some require outside access.)
  • Music: Sheet music, musical instruments, song lyrics, tapes, CDs.
  • To share: snacks and beverages for Social Hours.
  • For special activities: Fancy duds for the dance (or not), favorite board games, deck of cards, jigsaw puzzles, props/ideas/music for talent show.

What NOT to Bring to Seabeck

  • Anything illegal, including cigarettes for those under age 18 or alcohol for those under age 21
  • Perfumes & colognes – out of courtesy to the scent-sensitive and allergic
  • Riding toys, skates, skateboards, fireworks
  • Guns or other weapons (real or toy)
  • Valuables – many rooms do not lock
  • Pets; products to promote/sell
  • Stowaways – all campers must be registered.

Food at Seabeck

Most people love meals at Seabeck, which are served family-style in the dining room. Seconds are usually available. When arranged before camp starts, the Seabeck kitchen can provide three alternatives to the regular, omnivorous menu: 1) vegetarian, 2) vegan, and 3) no dairy/no gluten. Make your requests through the Seabeck Registrar (Dianne Upton). At check-in you will receive a “special diet” card which your server will ask for at each meal. It is important not to eat special meals prepared for others. If you need something, please ask, the kitchen staff can be very accommodating. A refrigerator in the dining room area is available for those who bring food for special diets or to accommodate children’s preferences. No K.P. duty is required on the part of campers.