Pathway to Membership

Jun 30, 2023 | Beacon, News

In 2020 I was able to complete a project I had been working on since I saw an inspiring workshop at General Assembly in 2019, revamping our Pathway to Membership. The idea is simple, allow people to get connected as part of the process of joining. This allows the newcomer to feel like they are already a part of the community before signing the book. It also allows current members to get to interact and meet the wonderful new people discovering East Shore.

I have been getting great feedback from those participating in the Pathway to Membership and tweaking the “bingo card,” as it is so often referred to. To me, this is a living document that can adapt as new activities and groups arise. I am currently tweaking the current Pathway to include information about the Article II revision in the UUA bylaws.

Recently, a woman on the Pathway shared this with me: “I have really enjoyed the freedom to explore these individual events and meeting various people (versus if your membership requirement was attendance in classes). The Pathway scheme allows me to be creative and explore at my own pace, over a period of time, which allows me to better internalize the experience and grasp what the community is about. Thank you for your uniquely flexible and fun on-boarding scheme!”

I hope you all take a chance to look over the Pathway and let me know if you have any suggestions. I ask you to think about the moment when you felt like you were truly a part of this wonderful community!

by Nicole Duff, Director of Membership Development