Second Sunday: Lake Hills Elementary

Aug 31, 2017 | News

Second Sunday: September 10, 2017

The donation will go to purchase Spanish and Arabic Books for the Lake Hills Elementary school Dual Language library. Lake Hills School is one of the four federal-funded Title One schools in the Bellevue School District, which means that a federal-funded Title 1 program that provides reading and/or support for children that are struggling, At the school they speak many different languages, but their library mainly has books in English. The 2015/2016 school statistics were: 49% Students with First Language other than English, 36% Students Receiving ELL Services and 57% Students that Qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch.

East Shore and the 2nd Grade Literacy Project

In the fall of 2016, Church members Laurie Wick and Kirstie Lewis met with the Bellevue School District and asked how a group of volunteers from East Shore could best be of service for one of Bellevue’s low income schools. They chose Lake Hills School because it is close to East Shore and it is an elementary school..

The social action subgroup of East Shore’s Women’s Federation, Women-Helping-Women, recruited volunteers and 16 people were trained and committed to worked at least one weekly 1-2 hour shift in the 2nd grade classrooms. East Shore volunteers mostly worked one-on-one with students helping them with their reading and literacy, seeing approximately 100 different children over the course of a week. Lake Hills School teachers and administrators have witnessed amazing progress in the 2nd graders and hope to replicate this program for the 2017/2018 school year!

In addition, a couple of East Shore volunteers have also taken different volunteer positions at the school including working in the library, working with the 2nd graders and in the Art Room.