Second Sunday: October 2019

Sep 28, 2019 | News


October 13: Facing Homelessness
The second Sunday charity for October is Facing Homelessness. Its mission is to humanize the homeless by enlisting the support of a community to build small residential units for homeless individuals and families on property in that neighborhood. It has a site to fabricate the units, and a team of architects and workers; it handles the permitting process, and conducts trainings for neighborhood hosts to learn what the journey entails. Operational since 2013, five homes have been constructed and four more will soon be completed.



Call for Suggestions for Second Sunday Recipients


Do you have a suggestion for a non-profit organization to receive a Second Sunday offering?  The Second Sunday/Share the Plate Team would like your ideas.  For nine months of the year, East Shore gives its offering to a non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization outside the church walls.  During October, the Team is asking for suggestions for the coming year.  The Team will then vet the suggestions through its regular process, including looking at the organization’s financial situation, to select recipients for two of the months in 2020.


We would like to hear from you!  The Orders of Service during October will have inserts to submit suggestions.  If you prefer, you can email ideas to the Team Chair, Jane Sisk, at [email protected].


Second Sunday/Share the Plate Suggestion


I suggest the following non-profit organization be considered for a 2020 Second Sunday/Share the Plate recipient:


Name of organization:  ____________________________________________________________________


Location and contact person and email/phone, if known:  _________________________________________


Your name and email, if you wish to be updated:  _______________________________________________