We Are In It Together: Exploring Our Climate Changing

Mar 3, 2019 | News

by David Chapin

Gallery Show: March 22-May 11

Discussion: Wednesday, April 10, 7:00 pm

The next art show in the East Shore Gallery, running from March 21 through May 11, has an interesting story. Here is a little background:

The artist, Carolyn Law, developed these pieces as part of a project she embarked on a few years ago to explore how people from rural and urban areas could find a common language to talk to one another about the climate and environment changing around them. As we are all aware, the term “climate change” is now embedded in the very polarized political and social life of our country. Rural and urban communities are well correlated with that polarization.

Carolyn’s project used her art work as a basis to engage with people in the rural community around Lakeview, Oregon to talk about the environment changing around them. She has also run workshops bringing urban and rural people together for conversations about this topic. These discussions resulted in some interesting insights about how as a society we can find common ground in tackling the huge challenge of climate change.

In addition to her show in the Sanctuary foyer, we in the East Shore community will have an opportunity April 10 (7 pm, North Room) to engage in our own discussion led by Carolyn about how “we are in it together” in dealing with climate change. In Carolyn’s words, “this event will be a casual evening exploration of the charged issue of climate change that is affecting everything in the natural world – including humans. Using a process of personal and shared reflection on what we care about in our natural environment, places we love and where we experience changes, finding common ground will be emphasized. Our goal is finding stories, language and ideas for images that capture what is essential about this issue and that seeds individual and community advocacy and activism.”

About Carolyn: Carolyn Law’s 40-year art career spans both studio and public art driven by her exploration and goal of acting as a creative, catalytic force impacting civic issues, space/places we share in common and infrastructure that makes our human lives possible. Currently she is using all the accrued skills and ideas to focus on our changing climate by collaborating with others to spur deep understanding and connection to the earth, and support advocacy and action.

A large part of her career has revolved around diverse public art experiences encompassing complex design team projects with varied professionals, coupled with extensive interface with communities and governmental agencies; site-specific integrated artworks including diverse environments and sculptures. Equally, Law’s studio work involves complementary, on-going explorations through mixed media pieces such as a long-term visual journal about readings and musings, photo collages on specific environments and temporary sculptural installations in natural settings that focus one’s experience momentarily.