Why I Am Voting For the 8th Principle

Jun 10, 2021 | 8th Principle Testimonials

by Carrie Bowman

I am voting for the 8th Principle because BIPOC Unitarian Universalists are telling us White Unitarian Universalists that this addition to our seven principles is necessary. BIPOC UUs are telling us about their experiences and their needs and I believe them.  I want to learn about that experience and work to change it for the better. To me, accepting the truth of another person’s experience, and the role I play in that experience, is a deep form of love.  It is a scary, painful love, full of unknowns.  It is young love. The 8th Principle is asking me to commit to the creation of mature love.  Mature love includes an element of selflessness and asks me to consider how I can change myself so that the experience of others is different. I want to develop mature love at East Shore. I believe adopting the 8th Principle is a way to state our commitment to that love. I hope East Shore will make the commitment.