From Hopelessness to Hope

Rev. Furrer preaches on how not to commit suicide. On beating the mid-winter blues. Health and sanity in the midst of darkness and gloom.

“From Hopelessness to Hope”

February 17, 2019

This time
of year can be depressing for some people. The avalanche of snow over the last
nine days … read more.

The Radical Notion of Association

East Shore Unitarian Church doesn’t belong to a denomination.  We belong to an Association.  What does that even mean? This Sunday we will celebrate the joys and responsibilities of being a member of the UUA.

Bio: Rev. Tandi Rogers is our Pacific Western Region primary contact, … read more.

Risking Transformation

There is a loneliness that comes from hiding our true selves and keeping silent about what we need. By risking speaking our truth with persons we can trust, there is the possibility of connection, breaking down the barriers of isolation, leaving room for the … read more.