Navigating Life in Community

Our greatest joys and accomplishments happen in community. But why can it sometimes feel so hard to navigate community life? Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island, had his challenges fitting in. What can we learn from the travails and triumphs of his life, in our … read more.

Seeking Spiritual Consciousness

Often seeking an enhanced spiritual consciousness seems to be incompatible with the stresses and demands of our everyday experiences. Sarada shares her journey in seeking enlightened consciousness through the discipline of meditation, a journey which she had pursued while grounded in work, family and … read more.

A Flowering of Creativity

Czech Unitarian Norbert Čapek created the Flower Communion as a simple ritual, free from orthodox baggage, and a time to celebrate our common values and shared commitments. Bring a flower from your garden or elsewhere to contribute to the altar/focal point display. ESUC Annual Congregational … read more.