To Spring, to Leap, to Jump Over Lightly

This morning Reverend Furrer will preach about Passover. Passover begins on Friday evening, April 19 at dusk and continues for eight days; it’s one of Judaism’s major holidays and it’s probably the origin of Christianity’s Last Supper. What does it teach Unitarian Universalists today?

“The Spring, … read more.

Paddle to Lummi 2019: A Spiritual Journey

Every year since 1989, indigenous nations from Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon travel in traditional ocean-going canoes to a host site for days of cultural celebration. This year, the Lummi, a nation with 5,000 registered members near Bellingham, will host the Canoe Journey from … read more.

Supporting Native American Communities

Both services will focus on what is happening in local Native communities and how non-native communities can support their efforts to address cultural, environmental, and social issues.

At 9:00 a.m., Jessie Dye, senior campaign strategist from Earth Ministry will talk about ways in which faith … read more.