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We link East Shore sponsors with Nepali children who have intellectual and leadership qualities but who lack the social clout and resources to meet their individual potential. By focusing on education and success of individual children to become leaders, we support social change and improved life in Nepalese society. You can transform your faith into justice by attending a team meeting or sponsoring a child.

Climate Action Ministry

In the spirit of the 7th Principle of Unitarian Universalism: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part, the Climate Action Ministry Team’s mission is to promote awareness of the climate crisis, especially within our own congregation; to advocate for climate-friendly government policies; and to form linkages with other organizations to support effective action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Congregations for the Homeless

East Shore hosts up to 35 homeless men overnight during the month of October. We provide dinner, breakfast, and sack lunches; as well as showers, toiletries, and clean towels.

Crossroads Meals

We get together and cook meals in the East Shore Unitarian Church kitchen on the first Monday of every month.  Then we deliver and serve the food to the needy at Crossroads Community Center.

East Side Social Concerns Council

This interfaith council is composed of representatives of many congregations and social service agencies that are concerned for the well being of the people of the Eastside. The EISCC provides a forum to educate, advocate, initiate, coordinate, support, and through task forces and other means, work for the common good of the Eastside community to address human needs and improve the quality of life. This council organizes many local efforts such as Congregations for the Homeless.

Earth & Social Justice Coordinating Council

This Council was put forth by the Board of Trustees to oversee the work being done by the Earth and Social Justice based ministry teams.

Food Bank

Food collected in the shopping cart outside the sanctuary on Sunday mornings is given to local food banks.

Good Start Back to School

Congregations for Kids is a group of congregations, service organizations, and businesses that work with the Bellevue School District to help students whose families cannot afford needed supplies. In July, we collect backpacks and school supplies from church members.

Holiday Giving Tree

Every year we choose several social service agencies to be recipients of gifts from our Holiday Giving Tree. The agencies supply us with requests for household goods, clothes, and toys for needy families. Each request hangs as a tag on the Giving Tree. Congregational members choose tags, purchase gifts, and place them unwrapped under the tree.

Khasi Hills Partner Church

Since 2007, East Shore Unitarian Church has had two partner congregations in the Khasi Hills of Northeast India, located in the state of Meghalaya in the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains.The Smit congregation has a membership of about 45 and the church in Kharang has a membership of about 250 people. The roots of Unitarianism in the Khasi Hills go back to 1887, when Hajom Kissor Singh, a convert from Welsh Calvinsim who had been influenced by the sermons of William Ellery Channing, held the first Unitarian service in Northeast India. The Khasi Hills Partner Church Ministry Team welcomes new members. For more information see our bulletin board in the North Room or contact the church office. They meet after worship on 3rd Sundays in the Library.

Second Sunday

Every second Sunday of the month East Shore takes the entire morning offering and gives it away to a social justice cause outside our church walls. We select the monthly recipient agency and educate the congregation about the agency’s work through Sunday morning Forums. We try to match the offering with the theme of the service.

Transylvania Partner Church

East Shore Unitarian Church and Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation in West Seattle are partners with the 600-resident village of Torockószentgyörgy in the foothills of the western Carpathian Mountains. This relationship dates back to 1990. Unitarians trace their roots to Transylvania, which prior to the end of World War I was part of Hungary rather than Romania. In 1568, King John Sigismund, influenced by the Unitarian faith’s founder, Francis David, proclaimed the first edict of religious toleration in Europe. The Transylvania Partner Church Ministry Team meets monthly on the third Wednesday, alternating locations between East Shore and Westside, and is open to new members. Find us on Facebook!

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

The UUSC promotes and protects human rights in the United States and internationally.  East Shore has an active group that supports UUSC activity in our church. They hold educational workshops and find speakers for Sunday services. In the Fall the UUSC distributes Guest at Your Table boxes (small cardboard boxes for mealtime donations of money) reminders that due to poverty, others may not be able to eat. The boxes are collected after Thanksgiving.