Listening to Sermons

Did you know you can listen to sermons from anywhere? We have three options for you to be able to listen to almost* any worship service we have.

  1. Order a CD: CDs of the entire worship service, including music, are available in the administration building. They are free for anyone to enjoy. Several copies are made each week, but if the one you want is missing, just fill out an order form and it should be ready to pick up within one week.
  2. Listen to the Sermon Online: Each week (usually by Tuesday) the audio from the Sermon only is available online. To get to it, just:
    • go to
    • click on “Worship”
    • click on “Past Worship Service” (you can also bookmark this page to come back to it quickly)
    • Choose the week you wish to listen to
    • Click on “Play” at the bottom of the page
  3. Listen to Sermons via Podcast Apps: When the Sermon is loaded to the website, it is also available to download via a podcasting app.
  • iPhone
    • Open the podcast app on your phone.
    • Search for “East Shore Unitarian Sermons” Click on the icon.
    • Click on “Subscribe”  to subscribe to the podcast.
  • Android
    • Download the Stitcher app in Google Play – or another podcasting App.
    • Search for “East Shore Unitarian Sermons.” Click on the icon.
    • Tap the plus icon in the top right corner to subscribe to the podcast.

* Please note: Not all sermons are available on the website, based on if the individual signed a release form.