Accessibility Updates

Feb 29, 2024 | Beacon, News

If you’ve looked in the back of the Sanctuary lately you may have noticed some new additions! We welcome and affirm people of all abilities. We have taken the following steps to assure no one is excluded from full participation. If you have specific needs not addressed here, please reach out to me so we can best welcome you into our space.

Hearing Assistance

Thank you to Jenny Newell and ACE for updating our hearing assistance devices! The box has been cleaned up and all the devices have been checked. This allows those who need amplification to get the volume they need. Our Sanctuary also offers assistance for those using t-coil.

Ear Defenders

While many of us love the music and noises, for some it can be too much. We have noise reducing headphones (also known as ear defenders) for both adults and children. All are welcome to use them when you need a bit more quiet.


Thanks to the 2019 Auction Fund-A-Need, all of our buildings are fully accessible to those using wheelchairs or having limited mobility.


Large print hymnals and bulletins are available. You can also find our bulletin online, allowing anyone to zoom in to their needs on a tablet or phone. We also have a braille hymnal. Guide dogs are always welcome.

Gender Affirming Restrooms

The restrooms in both the Sanctuary and the Education Building are Gender Affirming. This means people can choose to use the restroom they feel most comfortable with. A private restroom is available in the Administration Building. You will also find menstrual products available in both restrooms in the Sanctuary.

Special Requests for Children

If you want your child to participate in the religious education program and feel they may require special accommodation due to learning disabilities or behavioral issues, please contact the Director of Religious Education in advance.

Service Animals

Service animals are always welcome in our Sanctuary. We have grassy areas where service animals may relieve themselves. We do ask all animals at the church are on a leash and that you do pick up after them.

by Nicole Duff, Director of Membership Development