Back in December, our Director of Lifelong Learning, Aisha Hauser announced she was leaving East Shore. Her future plans, “one never knows where our journeys in life will take us. For now, I will be working on a book focused on collaborative leadership, developing curriculum and continuing to consult with congregations and secular entities all over the country.” Her farewell letter can be found here.

On May 24, Aisha Hauser gave her final sermon at East Shore, entitled Seasons of Love. You can read it here, or watch on our YouTube Channel.

So many of us love Aisha, and had to come up with a new way to celebrate her and all she has done for East Shore during the past 7 years. Thank you to Amanda Uluhan for putting together this wonderful tribute video.

THANK YOU to Aisha for all you have done for East Shore! Here are photos of the certificate and gift East Shore gave to Aisha in appreciation for her hard work.