Board Buzz: July

Jul 1, 2017 | News

by Dave Baumgart

New Board Members – Uzma, Paul, Jerry, Doug / Annual Retreat

I would like to welcome the 4 new board members that our congregation voted into the 2017 / 18 term of the board of trustees. Uzma Butte, Paul Buehrens, and Jerry Bushnell will be serving as trustees at large. Doug Strombom will succeed Connie Hirnle as our new vice-president. Thank you to Connie, Catherine Ramsey, Reed Cundiff, and Marilyn Mayers for your service during the past year as board members – it was much appreciated by our community and by your fellow “Boardies.” All of us on the board are looking forward to the annual board retreat, July 7 and 8 which, this year, will be in North Bend at the home of Rev. Elaine. This will be a time for learnings and reflections about the past year, and goals for the new fiscal year, beginning on July 1.

…and Music filled the air. I just want to acknowledge that 3 of our recent services – the Celebration of Bob Kechley, the Flower Communion, and the Summer Solstice service all featured wonderful music. I believe we are so fortunate to have skilled musicians among us who entertain us and inspire us with their music. I also want to acknowledge the beautiful music that Connie Brennan brought to us for nearly 50 years as a member of our choir. The celebration of her “life well-lived” on June 18, was especially poignant as it featured several of Connie’s favorite music pieces. Connie will be missed.

We are now beginning the process to find an interim music director as we prepare for Bob’s retirement as our musical director. Whomever that interim director will be, he or she will have a tough act to follow… Watch for more news about this, in future editions of The Beacon.

Feedback Process & New Charters

The date of the Board meeting for June has been moved to 6/27 so as not to conflict with the observance of the summer solstice. First Saturday morning coffee and conversation will continue throughout the summer. The next one will be held on July 1st. June’s meeting was attended by 14 people. There was lively discussion about communication, right relations, and the new Personnel Committee/Board policy that establishes a formalized mechanism for congregants to offer feedback to the Board. Please see below for further details.

Policy updates

A formal way for the congregation to communicate feedback to staff members has been established. A description of the process can be found here, and the feedback form is here. You can also contact a BOT member, ask at the front desk for the description and feedback form, or contact the Personnel Committee to learn more about the process.

The Board approved a template for all ESUC to create a charter. This will help us further strengthen our communication and governance structure. The Charter template is part of the May Board packet and is available now here. If you have any questions or would like further information, please email Jack Slowriver.