Bystander Training

Jul 17, 2017 | News

Bystander Training- What to do when you see someone being harassed?

Saturday, August 12 – 1 to 3 pm

In this current political climate there has been an increase in hate crimes and harassment. It is upsetting and often intimidating to witness such harassment. You may have been witness and been to afraid to respond in the moment. This is completely understandable. We will learn through role play and experiential exercises how to respond in those situations and engage in conversations in order to become inspired and empowered to act in the moment. Refreshments provided, no fee, pre-registration requested. REGISTER HERE.

Bystander training is sponsored by the Beloved Racial Justice team at East Shore Unitarian Church. The Beloved Racial Justice Team’s mission is to create a beloved and just multiracial community within East Shore Unitarian Church and in the wider world by taking action to address racial justice issues. We honor the worth and dignity of every human being and the interconnected web of all of life by recognizing prejudice, privilege and injustice. We seek to change prejudice, unfair privilege and injustice in ourselves, our church and our community.