Congregations for the Homeless: Thank You to Our Congregation

Oct 31, 2017 | News

Applause and thank you to our larger East Shore congregation for your “Hands on” support of Congregations for the Homeless (CFH). Your time, energy, and donations have been invaluable. You cooked dinners, assembled sandwiches, donated toiletries and clothing. You shopped for breakfast foods, helped outside volunteer groups set up their donated dinners. You hosted and welcomed the men, making real connections.

During the month of October, 30-35 homeless men lived at East Shore. The men ate a quick breakfast, built a grab/go lunch from the selections for their day travels, and returned for a nourishing dinner. While on campus, the men could shower and do laundry, keeping their spaces tidy and clean.

This year, East Shore partnered with St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Northlake and Woodinville Unitarian Churches, and Bellevue Presbyterian Church. This partnership helped provide lunches and dinners, as well as defraying the cost of delivering dental care to the men. Counselors assisted the men to learn techniques for successful job interviews, and help toward moving into their own housing.

The list is long of all the volunteers who have contributed their time and efforts to ensure the success of this outstanding program. You are amazing! We are all proud of East Shore’s involvement in our help to repair men’s lives and recapture their dreams for the future.
This project does take a village. Thank you!

CFH 2017: Den Kerlee, Peggy Phillips, Dean Dubofsky, Chris Edwards, Ralph Lutz, Lisa Traynor. Office Staff: Nicole Duff/Publicity, Dianne Upton/Facilities