East Shore Gallery: What’s Next?

Jul 2, 2018 | News

by Mary Anderson

The Quilt Exhibit, which has graced our foyer for the past 3 months, ended on June 24. This has been such a colorful and interesting show. We thank all of the quilters, and families of quilters, for entrusting us with their heirlooms. If you have a quilt in the show, please be prepared to pick it up in Nicole’s office.

From July 8 to September 30, East Shore will host a display from Evergreen Association of Fine Arts (EAFA). This will be a trial relationship between East Shore and EAFA, which is a not-for-profit consortium of artists on the Eastside. None of the items will be for sale; this is an exhibit only.

On October 1 through the end of the year, the Gallery will present the annual Family Show, and it isn’t too early to be thinking what you can contribute. There will be more information about the Family Show as the summer ends. This is a very popular annual event and we are excited to see what artistic endeavors everyone has been up to.

The Gallery Committee is accepting suggestions for future exhibits. Our foyer will certainly need something fabulous to welcome the New Year. The Gallery also welcomes new members. Everyone is welcome, you needn’t be an artist. Talk to Nicole Duff or Karen Dawson, our new Acting Chair, if you are interested.

More About EAFA

The Evergreen Association of Fine Arts, known as EAFA, is a non- profit organization which has functioned for 50 years on the Eastside. Its purpose is to promote fine arts in the community, provide artists with opportunities for education, exhibition and interaction with other artists.

The exhibit is managed by the Public Art Program within EAFA. Other venues for the Public Art Program are Overlake Hospital, Bellevue Regional Library, the Department of Ecology, Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center and Newcastle Library.

Questions about EAFA and the art work may be referred to Deanna Morgan, acting President of EAFA.