East Shore Gets Outdoors

Jun 30, 2021 | Beacon, News

The East Shore Outdoors group is enjoying nature, building community, and getting exercise while we do it!  With over 100 members and friends on the email list for this group, we’re offering hikes and walks for a wide variety of interests and fitness levels, from a gentle stroll along the East Lake Sammamish Trail to a 4 day backpacking trip near Mount Rainier.  At a minimum, during the summer we aim to offer a walk or hike twice a month, one on a weekday and one on a weekend day.

Here are the events that we have already planned:

  • Wednesday, June 23rd: Whidbey Island outing, Ebey’s landing hike – a great trip was coordinated by Bill Austin, Jann Ledbetter, and Linda Freeburg.
  • Saturday, July 17: E Lake Sammamish Trail walk, 2pm at Lk Sammamish Boat Launch – Amanda Strombom
  • Wednesdays, July 28 or Aug 4: Naches Loop Trail, Mt Rainier area – Carla Hellekson, Kathy Forrest
  • Saturday, August 7: Hike Ira Spring Trail to Mason Lake – Amanda Strombom
  • Thursday-Sunday, August 19-22: Backpacking on the Wonderland Trail (auction event) – Dave Baumgart
  • Wednesday, September 22: Full Moon evening hike at Naches Loop – Bill Austin

Many members of the group step up to lead other events that meet their interests and schedule.  Even if they’re proposed just a few days ahead of time, it’s likely someone will join up for a walk or easy hike. The proposer just needs to be willing to coordinate the logistics of where and when to meet, and to ensure that everyone is prepared for the distance and elevation gain (if any) involved.

In addition, there are possibilities for the following, if there is sufficient interest:

  • A backpacking trip for the East Shore youth and their parents. Contact Mark Norelius if you’re interested in helping with this.
  • Joining a WTA work party
  • Birding walks
  • Helping with tree planting
  • Forming a skiing group for the winter

If you’d like to be included in the East Shore Outdoors google group, please send an email to [email protected]

Let’s enjoy the great Pacific Northwest and this beautiful weather as much as we can!

Amanda Strombom, East Shore Outdoors coordinator