ESUC Update

Apr 5, 2017 | News

Dear East Shore Members,

This is the communication Elaine promised would come following the Boards decision about next steps for ESUC after the suspension of the Ministerial Search Process. The Board has announced its intention to continue in the interim process for two years and has contracted with me to continue ministering with East Shore for those two years.

At the Board meeting in March we discussed and outlined the priorities for our attention. Four things came up as essential for us to address immediately:

  • A facilitated right relationship process
  • Continued communication about and integration of Policy Based Governance, which includes a leadership development process and policies that clarify the authority and limits of the board and its standing committees, the staff and their core teams and member’s ministry teams.
  • A vision process that expands our newly adopted mission statement
  • Process for managing music after Bob Kechley’s retirement

We also discussed the most effective way to continue our efforts to communicate directly and clearly with the congregation and its leadership. Starting on April 8th, we will have a Coffee and Conversation gathering in the sanctuary one Saturday each month. These will be specifically for representatives of each and every committee, core team and ministry team. Everyone is invited to attend, or to send a designated member of your team, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon for coffee and donuts with me and a member of the Board. We will establish the best Saturday to meet on a regular basis, talk about what has happened, what is happening and what will be happening. We will share feedback we have received and give you the opportunity to ask questions, share what you have been hearing and offer your thoughts. We will start promptly at 10:00 in the North Room, then move our conversation into the Sanctuary at 10:15. We will end promptly at noon. We hope to see you on April 8th at 10:00 to begin these monthly conversations.

Our vision work is moving forward. The great ideas from the all church summit have been transcribed and consolidated. Bert Velasco, Sheridan Botts, John Chmaj, Barb Clagget and Elaine Cox have signed on to help craft a vision. Others are welcome to join the process. There will be a kick-off meeting scheduled soon so please email Bert if you’re interested in joining this important work.

Below you will see applications for the Interim Music Team. Marilyn Mayers and Catherine Ramsey, working with Kirstie Lewis, have created an application for a team that will meet to discuss options for music after the retirement of Bob Kechley at the end of July. This team will assess the needs for music direction, and an interim process for managing music, creating a Music Director Search committee and whether or not to hire an interim music director. The application process is open to anyone interested and will be open until May 1st. At that time the applications will be reviewed by representatives of the board and Elaine. The team will begin its work by May 7th. This will require a significant commitment of time for this team through August.


Jack Slowriver Rev. Elaine Beth Peresluha

Application for Interim Music Team (Word | PDF)

Applications for the Music Director Process Team are being accepted until May 1st. You may download an application online and email to Nicole or fill out a hard copy and return to people listed on the application. The hard copies will be available in the administration building. Kirstie Lewis, Elaine Peresluha, Marilyn Mayers and Catherine Ramsey will review the applications and the team will be selected by May 7th.