Fourth Wednesday Book Club Potluck Planning Party

Aug 2, 2018 | News

Please join us in Spring Hall for our 2017-2018 Fourth Wednesday Book Club Potluck Planning Party on Wednesday, August 22nd. Share your love of reading by bringing one or two of your favorite recent reads and give us your compelling reasons for including your selection on our discussion calendar. This is a potluck so please bring one of your special dishes to share with the group. We socialize and enjoy our potluck meal starting at 5:30 pm and move on to the important task of selecting our choices for the upcoming year at about 6:30 pm.
Our criteria for consideration are simple but important:

  • The book must be available in paperback to minimize potential expense to our participants. So please research the publication dates of the paper versions of any recently published book you wish us to include as a possible selection.
  • Also please either bring a copy of your candidate(s) or if that’s not possible, please bring all the basic information regarding the book, i.e., the complete title, the name of the author (correctly spelled), and the publisher. Providing this information makes it much easier for your administrator to put together what’s needed for the submissions for the E-mail Blast and the Beacon.