From Afghanistan to America: Artist Abdul Wasi Habibi’s Journey

Aug 30, 2022 | Beacon, News

If you come by East Shore’s Sanctuary foyer, you will see a new exhibition of art works by Afghan artist, Abdul Wasi Habibi. The works include eight original oil paintings and Giclee prints of an additional four paintings which highlight the people of Afghanistan and life under Taliban rule.

The show will run through October. Please invite friends and family to view the exhibition and learn more about Abdul Wasi Habibi and his family’s long journey to their new home here!

The Taliban, who now control Afghanistan, have banned all music and art of “living things.” Habibi was forced to close his gallery and art school, stop painting, teaching or displaying his art. Since October 2021, Abdul and his family have been in hiding in Afghanistan.

Habibi managed to ship some of his paintings to Timothy Ham, a former East Shore member who met him in 2009 while working in Afghanistan. Since the Taliban takeover, Tim has worked tirelessly to raise donations to help get Abdul and his family out of Afghanistan. Thanks largely to his efforts, Abdul has been offered an unbudgeted position at the Tacoma-based educational non-profit Elements of Education. Efforts are now underway to raise funds to ensure a full salary is available to Abdul upon taking up the position.

Since Abdul recently received approval for a U.S. visa, he and his family should arrive in the Seattle area sometime in September. They will need temporary housing immediately upon their arrival. Once his position is fully funded, they will be able to obtain rental housing in Tacoma. If you know of any temporary housing options or other resettlement support, please let Tim Ham know (425-985-8292).

Hopefully, we will have an opportunity to welcome Abdul and his family at some point in the near future. Meanwhile, come by East Shore and view some of his art.

For more information about the paintings and artist, contact Tim Ham

If you would like to help finance Abdul’s employment position at Elements of Education in Tacoma, you can donate to and select “Abdul Habibi Camapign”

To donate to the resettlement of Abdul and his family, visit the Go Fund Me account:

by Marilyn Mayers, Campus Aesthetics Team