Get Involved in Religious Education this Year!

May 31, 2018 | Learning, News

Each year, we offer children and youth programming from preschool through high school. Last year, we had 40 volunteers and 3 staff teaching classes! This amazing turnout is in thanks to the training, support, and team model that we implement in each class. Volunteering with religious education is an opportunity to engage with children and youth, which shapes our community with inclusivity and innovation. Do you ever get new ideas about the world, your life, or our community when you’re working with kids? I do! My spirit is both challenged and refreshed when I’m in the classrooms. I learn more about my faith, about our community, and about what service can truly feel like. Maybe you’re creative, or love playing, or are passionate about preparing healthy snacks; maybe you want to help kids with special needs, or be extra hands in the classroom; whatever you’re knack, we’ve got space for you! Our Lifespan team promises to provide support and training throughout the year.

During our worship services, we offer programming for children and youth. Starting in September, we’ll have two services, each with a unique religious education program. Our 9am service will be a multi-age program offered to children. Youth in grades 9-12 are invited to join a religious education teaching team as an assistant in the classroom.  Youth are welcomed as team members and are a tremendous asset to the program, as the young children look up to them as role models.  The teens gain leadership skills while remaining active in the life of the congregation. Our 11am classes will continue using Tapestry of Faith, UUA curriculum for each of our grades. During multi-generational services, all the ages are invited to stay in the service, and are welcomed in participating in the Sanctuary worship.

Join us for an informal, informational teacher session June 17th in E-202 after service. Learn about being involved in religious education with children and youth.

Write to Aisha, [email protected], or Amanda, [email protected] to get involved!