Keeping Busy with RE

Oct 30, 2021 | Beacon, News, RE-Flections

Our Religious Education (RE) students and volunteers have been meeting in person this fall and have been having a great time.

Our Elementary students are using Legos to learn about our UU sources and principles and to imagine what they would like East Shore to be. They would like everyone to be able to come to East Shore and so one of their goals is to get a bus for East Shore that can pick people up on Sunday mornings. They are also exploring the wonder that is around the East Shore campus by harvesting marigold seeds from the garden beds (and planting them everywhere), watch for the results of this in the spring.

Our Middle School students are on a quest this year. Their first action quest was to find a way they could help East Shore. The middle school students and their outstanding adult volunteers got together and made breakfast burritos for our Congregation for the Homeless guests. The breakfast burritos were accompanied by notes and drawings from all the students to make the men feel they were cared for.

Our Middle and High School students have also had some outdoor activity field trips. The latest was a bike ride! We donned our headlamps and bicycle lights and pedaled our way through the darkness. Our intrepid bicyclists all returned with smiles on our faces. After four miles (round-trip) of riding through the Snoqualmie tunnel, over 1,000 feet below the Snoqualmie Ski Area, we emerged to vibrant Fall colors.

Yes, the darkness was a little spooky, but nothing we couldn’t handle. We rewarded ourselves with some yummy pizza and drinks at the Snoqualmie Summit and headed home. A great way to welcome the beauty of the changing of the seasons.

There will be more outdoor field trips planned and we are always open to adults from East Shore joining us on our outdoor adventures.

The RE team is always looking for more volunteers and more ways to be together. If you would like to be part of this wonderful East Shore group contact LeAnne Struble.

by LeAnne Struble, RE Childcare Coordinator