In The Middle: A Defining Moment

Mar 16, 2017 | News

In The Middle: A Defining Moment

This is a defining moment in East Shore’s history. The success of this year’s Operating Fund Drive (OFD) will decide the future of East Shore by assuring the necessary financial resources to complete our interim work, hire a new music director, and prepare this congregation to attract the very best possible ministerial candidate.

The OFD team has titled this year’s campaign Building Our Future Together, communicating the essential component in our goal…together. No one person has the financial resources to assure the vibrancy of this congregation. Together? That is another possibility waiting. You have everything you need to assure that East Shore is a vibrant and prophetic voice in Bellevue, proclaiming our UU values, and nurturing the spirit of every individual through inspiring worship, music and programming.

Interim ministries emphasize the definitive line in time between past and future. The last year has brought into sharp relief…the clarity of East Shore’s long proud distinctive past and a rather vague, undefined, mysterious uncertainty of the future. The future, unlike the past, cannot be grasped it must be shaped.

I know you want to attract the very best minister possible. Many of you hoped you would see that ministry begin this year. Now, you have more time to demonstrate your commitment and vision for East Shore’s next chapter. We are Building the Future Together. Foundational to the success of that future is a strong operating budget that reflects the health of this congregation and your excitement for its future. The strength and sustainability of the operating budget demonstrates your appreciation of the past, your commitment to the work, and your vision of the future.

In this moment, here, today, we each have the opportunity to engage in greatness. Return your pledge card. Exceed the suggested amount. Build the future of this congregation…together.

Much metta,