Music Notes: Join the East Shore Mighty Choir

Aug 31, 2023 | Beacon, Music, News

There are few things more satisfying, enlivening, connecting, grounding and uplifting than singing. This is even more true when singing in a group. Science has shown singing in a group lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins, lowers stress and even strengthens one’s immune system. And this is all in addition to the most basic benefit of singing in a group: it simply feels good!

We are blessed at East Shore Unitarian Church to have a vibrant community that cherishes music and places a high value on the importance of music in our weekly gatherings. We are also blessed to have such a wide range of musical talent in our midst, from vocal soloists to jazz pianists to professional violin and viola players to saxophonists, drummers, guitarists, ukulele players and more. It is my great joy to bring these musical elements together when crafting services with our ministry team: nothing makes me happier than serving up a nourishing musical meal with lots of sides.

The East Shore Mighty Choir is part of this musical smorgasbord. It is a choir made up of members with a wide range of experience. Some choir members have sung in choirs all their lives. For some, the ESUC Mighty Choir is the first choir they’ve ever experienced. My intent with the choir is to provide a space where everyone feels extravagantly welcome, and where we create joy, purpose and love by singing with one another. We bring this singing community to the congregation on the Sundays when we sing. If you’ve been in the Sanctuary when the Mighty Choir is singing, you have most likely seen, heard and felt the joy and connection we are feeling. If there is actual magic on earth, I believe it happens when a group sings together with love, joy and purpose. We are literally creating something larger than any single one of us can be.

I would like to invite anyone in East Shore – member or friend – to join the East Shore Mighty Choir. No previous experience is necessary. You don’t even need to read music! I create rehearsal tracks for each song we sing, and I make sure everyone feels comfortable with their parts. If you do read music, that’s great! But if you don’t – even if you’ve never looked at a sheet of music in your life – don’t let that stop you. Please come and make music with us!

Details: The ESUC Mighty Choir rehearses each Thursday evening from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m., and sing an average of two Sundays per months. The first rehearsal for the new church season will be Thursday, September 7. While I like to have as many choir members present each time we sing for a service, I also understand sometimes life intervenes.

If you want to drop by any Thursday evening and see if the choir may be for you, please do so! We are warm and welcoming, and we always have a good time during rehearsal.

by Eric Lane Barnes, Director of Music