Navigating Covid-19 with presence and connection

Mar 11, 2020 | Learning, News, Parent Resources

Amidst this public health crisis, it is more important than ever to practice calming our nervous systems and extending some of that calm to family and friends. It’s hard, I know! But these times weren’t meant to be easy. What are ways that you practice calming yourself?

Now is the time to touch base with loved ones and neighbors, to extend an invitation to connect, if only for a moment. This time can also be used to restore yourself and root more into your spirituality. For whatever keeps you grounded, or brings joy, and inspiration, let those things take hold.

Tips to help de-stress and reflect

  1. Focus on your breath. Take some time to relax your mind and body. Take one or two long deep breaths—look at your belly and chest rising as you do this. Take another deep breath or two—let yourself sigh out loud. Doing this for just a minute or two a day can make a difference in your nerves and stress.
  2. Remind yourself of your favorite things. Think of some activities, memories, songs, jokes, etc that bring positive emotion. What emotion are you feeling? Joy, love, laughter, fondness…Positive thoughts like this can give way for you to have a sense of a more positive attitude and outlook.
  3. Try to focus on one thing. We live in such busy world, with so many things to do and organize. See if you can try and tackle your tasks one piece at a time. One of my favorite sayings is “eating the frog” or doing the thing that you most don’t want to do, now. Focusing on one thing, and completing the task, even it is just finishing that email, or the load of laundry, will help give you a sense of accomplishment.

By Amanda Uluhan