Closed: Interim Director of Music

Jun 8, 2017 | News

East Shore Unitarian Church is accepting applications for an Interim Director of Music. We are a 500-member multicultural, multigenerational congregation. Our church has a beautiful, wooded campus in Bellevue, Washington, just east of Seattle. The congregation which is musically talented and enthusiastic needs an Interim Director of Music to provide programs for Worship Music plus music for adult, youth, and intergenerational groups. The church’s impressive music resources are listed below.


Worship Music

  • Provide professional leadership creating inspiring worship services in collaboration with the minister, the staff, the Worship Ministry Team, and other service leaders.
  • Arrange for musicians at all services.
  • Collaborate with musicians, choir, and media personnel.
  • Develop and support a rich congregational song and hymn repertoire including music from diverse traditions and cultures.
  • Create, prepare, and perform special music worship services including Christmas Eve.

Adult Music

  • Rehearse the 20-35 person choir once a week, September 2017 through June 2018. Lead choir in semimonthly Sunday worship performances.
  • Encourage new members to join the adult choir and other music groups.
  • Recruit and hire musicians as necessary to support the work of the choir and other music groups.
  • Consult with leaders of existing music groups regarding the planning and provision of music for services.
  • Recruit and prepare a choir for special services, such as memorial services, installations, ordinations and other occasions.
  • Create and encourage ad hoc choirs and other music groups to expand the musical experiences available to musicians and other congregants.
  • Act as a resource and supervisor to volunteer leaders of music groups.
  • Organize and maintain the choral music library.

Intergenerational and Young People’s Music

  • Collaborate with directors and volunteers of young people’s choirs in developing, planning, and supporting music programs.
  • Advance intergenerational music performance at services by recruiting and encouraging singers and instrumentalists of all ages.


  • Cast a vision, in collaboration with staff and leaders, for the music ministry of the church.
  • Develop and maintain contact with music colleagues in the wider Unitarian Universalist community.
  • Involvement and membership in the Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network, and other professional associations

Skills Required

The IDM must maintain a high degree of ethical action, exercise compassionate judgement, and effectively solve problems in a timely manner. Because of the significance of this position, dependability and flexibility are required to achieve success. Balancing teamwork with multiple teams while also taking personal initiative is key.

  • Advanced conducting skill in choral and instrumental music.
  • High degree of competency in vocal and keyboard performance.
  • Other instrumental and orchestral skills are valuable.
  • Arranging vocal and instrumental music.
  • Documenting arrangements and compositions.
  • Ability to balance team work with personal initiative.
  • Knowledge of choral, instrumental and congregational music appropriate to:
  • Unitarian Universalist worship and community building,
  • Inspiring the congregation with a diversity of music from various traditions and cultures.
  • Collaboration with sound reinforcement and recording people in planning, rehearsing and performing music.
  • Music notation software competency or equivalent.


  • College or advanced degree in music or equivalent experience.
  • Familiarity with an eclectic array of choral, instrumental, and congregational music from diverse traditions and cultures.


  • Excellent verbal and written skills in support of the job responsibilities and engagement with our church and outside organizations and people.
  • Effectively motivate and communicate music ideas and techniques.

Subject Matter Knowledge

  • Experience leading music in congregational or academic settings.
  • Understanding of and sympathy with Unitarian Universalist traditional and evolving values and beliefs.

Software and Technology

  • Access to a computer for word processing, e-mail, social media, World Wide Web, and other software as needed.
  • Use of word processing software, e-mail, and social media to support job duties.

Music Resources

Extensive Choral Music Library, Yamaha Grand Piano 1960’s, Hubbard-design two-manual Harpsichord 1970’s, Roland KR-570 Intelligent Piano, a full complement of UU Hymnals, orchestral music stands, sound reinforcement system, wireless and wired microphones, equipment to record and to produce audio CDs of Sunday services.

To apply

Applications are no longer being accepted.


20 hours/week part-time, exempt, and salaried position. Flexible hours that include Sundays, Thursday evenings, Wednesday afternoons, and other times as needed.

Start Date
August/September 2017 for 12 months initially.
Note: The hired IDM may apply for the permanent Director of Music job when it is posted.

Salary Range and Benefits
$1,800 – $2,200 monthly,  Benefits include medical, paid holidays, and vacation.

Note: To have your materials returned, please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.

The above is not an exhaustive description of all the work required to successfully do this creative and inspirational job.