Openings on Personnel Committee

Jun 14, 2017 | News

The Personnel Committee, a standing committee of the Board of Trustees (BOT), has three member position openings. Minimum expectations and qualifications of a PC member are described below. We are responsible for oversight and accountability of matters relating to personnel and maintaining the Personnel Manual. We report to the BOT and receive assignments and requests to research personnel based matters. More information about the PC can be found below.

If you have questions/more information/interested, send Grace Colton, Chair an email or fill out this form and send it by email or return a hard copy by pony express to her in the front office.

About the Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is made up of 5 voting members, and a non-voting Board of Trustees member as liaison. The term of appointment by the Board for members and the chairperson is three years. The Personnel Committee meets at least once per month and other times as required.

The minister or other designated staff member reports on personnel matters to the Personnel Committee.  The BOT Liaison representative acts as a go between to the Board and provides guidance to the PC about Board matters. The PC consults with Core Teams, Ministry Teams, and other Standing Committees as needed.

Expectations of a Member

  • Attend monthly meetings held on the first Monday of every month.
  • Be the recording secretary of our meeting minutes on a rotating basis.
  • Maintain privacy and discretion of verbal, written, and electronic information at all times outside of our meetings.
  • Contribute your time to PC work outside of meetings.
  • Contribute your opinion, ideas, and perspective during meetings.

Qualifications of a Member

  • Has a management perspective towards personnel matters.
  • Able to be discrete and maintain privacy.
  • Willing to learn more about church organization and management.
  • Willing to work collaboratively with SLT, BOT, staff, and Committees.
  • Able to communicate via email and use word processing software.