P-Patch News: November 2019

Oct 31, 2019 | News

by Ann Fletcher

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the P-Patch produce table this summer and fall. We enjoyed talking with you and sharing the veggies from the church and home gardens. 

This year we will give our proceeds from the table of approximately $800 to Green Plate Special. This non-profit group offers a regular garden curriculum to schools in South Seattle and at its Rainier Valley headquarters, plus after-school programs, summer camps and projects like a student-led farm stand.

The program aligns with school curricula, teaching biology and chemistry and a lot of practical math. It is aimed at children aged 9-14 with strong outreach to include those who wouldn’t necessarily have found the garden on their own or have the resources to attend. The program uses fun food activities and teacher guidance (ratio one adult to every 4-5 kids) to bridge cultural gaps and build esteem and acceptance. Values like community and friendship are stressed.

Through grants and steady fundraising, Green Plate Special is able to support pay-as-you-can camps with a majority of students from low-income households, including regular participants from Mary’s Place shelters for families experiencing homelessness. They also help with transportation for families without reliable service.

In other news, P-Patch is looking forward to working with Nick Langrock and Kyle Velasco who are planning to build raised garden beds on the church property for their Eagle Scout Projects. These projects will be closer to the church than the old P-Patch, which will encourage member and youth involvement. The goal is to have the projects done for use next summer.

One project will be built in the grass area between the administration building and the multi-purpose building. The beds will be arranged so that they can be used by our religious education programs for their summer garden program.

The other project will be built in the grass area above Cora’s garden and west of the Memorial Garden. Two long beds will be raised high enough to encourage easy access for all. This project will also include a sturdy low fence for protection and separation from the playground area. We also plan to move our greenhouse near these beds.

Members of the P-Patch Team include Evelyn and LeRoy Smith, Janice Thompson, David Kappler, Ann Fletcher, Irene McVey, and Amanda Uluhan. Please inquire with any of the members if you are interested in participating.