Right Relations Facilitation Team Named

Feb 1, 2018 | News

New Team Formed

We welcome the following to East Shore’s Right Relations Facilitation Team:
Michelle Danley       Mike Radow
Jennifer Sumner      Peter Sugarman
Mark Norelius          Milly Mullarky
José García             Dave Porter

This group will be trained to facilitate conflicts between members and groups that cannot be resolved by the parties on their own. Additionally, the Facilitation Team will serve as Process Observers during meetings as requested, to help groups maintain their own right relations guidelines. The Right Relations Task Force (RRTF) chose the team based on their experience mediating and/or facilitating conflicts, trust within the congregation, their self-awareness, and personal approach to conflict.
Louise Wilkinson, Chair of the RRTF stated “We were very fortunate to have many excellent candidates from which to choose. Facilitation Team members represent new and long-tenured church members, a good mix between men and women, and some cultural diversity.”

The next step for this group is training which will be completed within the next two months. The Facilitation Team will meet monthly to establish its own processes. This group will continue to be assisted by the RRTF as their work moves forward.

Additional Trainings Offered

The RRTF also noted that many people who were unable to attend the two all-church trainings lead by Le Mun Wah and the King County Dispute Resolution Center this past fall have asked for a make-up session. Both sessions were well received and provided valuable information as East Shore moves toward deeply embedding right relations principles and practices into our culture.

The RRTF will hold a What We Learned Last Fall – A Make-up Session on the 4th Sunday of the month. The first session is scheduled for February 25 and will be repeated on March 25 and April 22. All sessions are scheduled after church, 11:30-1:30.

You are invited to attend one or all of the sessions, but note that these are make-ups sessions in which we are trying to provide some of the information and practice provided during our two all-day training sessions.  They are mainly for people who missed those sessions or who would like some review.  The curriculum will be repeated each month.

Right Relations Task Force: Louise Wilkinson, Lee Dorigan, Aisha Hauser, Mary Anderson