Seeking Auction Fund-A-Need Ideas

Jun 30, 2020 | Auction, News

Due August 10th

At this year’s online auction we will be “Building a New Way” of holding the auction, while aiming to retain as many features of former auctions as we can!

One of the most popular features of the auction has always been, and still will be, the Fund-A-Need. This is an opportunity for one specific project, that we recognize will benefit the church but can’t be funded from the church’s Operating Fund, to obtain the funding it needs from the participants in the auction. Examples of projects that have been funded in the past by this method include: automatic flush toilets in the Sanctuary building, the conversion of a classroom in the Education building to be used for videoconferencing – the “Zoom room”, and most recently, the installation of automatic door openers.

When you return to the campus, you will be delighted with these new door openers that will enable anyone to open the doors, hands free, to the Education Building, the Admin Building and the Sanctuary. While this helps everyone who has ever approached a door with their arms full, or struggled to open the heavy Sanctuary doors, it will be especially important in this COVID-19 period where we want to minimize the shared use of door handles!

This year, a few ideas have been floated as candidates for the Fund-A-Need, so we are instituting a new process to select the best project. If you have an idea for a suitable project that would benefit the church and its mission, valued at around $10K which is the amount usually raised, we encourage you to discuss it with the relevant staff or team and then gather quotes for the items and work that would need to be done. At the Auction team meeting on August 10th, we would like each project advocate to give a short presentation on their project, with costs and benefits, so that the Auction team, in conjunction with staff and the Board, can choose the project which will be most appealing to potential bidders.

To learn more about the Fund-A-Need process, and to discuss your idea, please contact Auction chair, Amanda Strombom or Membership Development Manager, Nicole Duff.

by Amanda Strombom, chair Auction Team