Music Sunday

May 13th is the spring choir concert Sunday. The choir, the East Shore Ensemble and a few soloists will be singing for the service, and the congregation will be joining in on some hymns that celebrate spring.

Ave Maria – (Bach/Gounod) a gorgeous choral setting of this elegant version of the classic prayer.

Fairy Tales (Eric Lane Barnes) A benediction inviting us to look at how we can be the superheroes in our own stories.

Middle Child (Eric Lane Barnes) is a lament to everyone’s favorite 1970’s middle sister.

Lambscapes (Eric Lane Barnes) – a musicalogical journey through the ages using ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ as its inspiration. Each movement covers a specific style or composer: Gregorian Chant, George Frederick Handel, Franz Schubert, Giuseppi Verdi, Carl Orff, The Sons of the Pioneers and Contemporary Gospel.

Cantique de Jean Racine (Gabriel Fauré) is a gorgeous setting of a sacred poem by Jean Racine.