Share the Plate: October 2021

Aug 31, 2021 | Beacon, News

At the October 3rd service, the Second Sunday/Share the Plate Ministry team has selected Na’ah Ilahee Fund (NIF) for a collection. Join us as Susan Balbas (Cherokee/Yaqui) talks about the work she and other indigenous people do together as Na’ah illahee Fund, an intertribal non-profit organization focused on uplifting indigenous communities through prioritizing indigenous values-led giving.

Established in 2007, NIF empowers indigenous girls and women to assume and sustain leadership roles in NW tribal communities by strengthening their skills, knowledge, commitment and resources.  They provide funding and support to indigenous women-led organizations and intergenerational programming to advance gender and climate justice. Each year, a group of native women mentor emerging leaders and gather financial resources to support women-led community initiatives.

In 2020, over $800,000 in community-relief aid was redistributed to peoples across the Pacific Northwest and in 2021 they are looking forward to more grantmaking with a focus on supporting Indigenous0led projects to address Food Sovereignty, Native Community Crisis Relief, Green Infrastructure, and Gender-based violence.  Ms. Balbas will be available after the service to field questions and engage in dialogue in a small group discussion.

by Marilyn Mayers