Staff News: June 2020

Jun 30, 2020 | News

Amanda Uluhan transitions into a new role at East Shore, as Director of Religious Education. Amanda looks forward to embrace new and different responsibilities in this role. There is a strong desire to expand our congregation’s understanding of children and youth programs and potential with outside the box thinking, partnering with East Shore’s teams and departments to encourage cross-disciplinary approaches to program development, and with new and unique projects on campus and for outreach.

To reach Amanda, please update your address book to [email protected] to schedule meetings and learn more about opportunities with education and children and youth programs. Their previous email address, as well as Aisha’s email address, will forward to Amanda.

If you have an interest in partnering with Amanda and the RE Committee, please reach out. We are in need of volunteers for this Core team.

Update Your Emails for Rev. Furrer

Please take a moment to check your email address book and ensure you are emailing the correct minister! We received notices from the minister at Eastshore in Kirtland, Ohio that he often receives emails for Steve. Please use [email protected] to ensure your request gets to Rev. Furrer.

New IT Support Coordinator

As of July 1, we have a new position! Joseph Newman, one of our Sextons, will be shifting 10 hours a week to be our IT Support Coordinator. He will be helping with large Zoom meetings and producing high quality graphics for the new website. He has a new email, [email protected], but please remember he only has 10 hours so may not be able to attend all meetings requested.

Nicole Elected to UUAMP Board

At the 2020 Annual Meeting for the Unitarian Universalist Association of Membership Professionals (UUAMP), I was elected to the Board of UUAMP for a two-year term.

UUAMP includes both paid membership staff and lay leaders, all working together to find the best ways to bring Unitarian Universalism to others, help visitors become members, and help members stay connected. It’s a wonderful organization that has helped me since day one.

I am beyond excited to represent East Shore in the national spotlight of UUAMP. I’m also looking forward to helping other membership professionals bring more and more people to UU churches.