The UUA’s Article II Study Commission Update

Sep 23, 2022 | Article II, Beacon, Members News, News

The Article II Study Commission has been working on revising the section of UUA Bylaws that has the Principles/Sources, UUA Purpose, Inclusion, and Freedom of Belief Statements. They have been working through feedback they got at General Assembly 2022 about the Principles/Sources and Inclusion statement. In September 2022, they asked for feedback on the UUA Purpose and Freedom of Belief Statements.

In September 2022, they scheduled ten Zoom sessions at various times for people to look at draft language and discuss it. Another round of revision will follow, with more feedback sessions in late October/early November. After it simmers over the holidays, they will put together their proposal in early 2023 to send to the board. The proposal will be considered in mini-assemblies before the vote at General Assembly 2023. Mini-assemblies are attended by delegates from each congregation.

You can find out a lot more here. Consider being a delegate for East Shore at General Assembly 2023. Look for a call for East Shore delegates in church communications. GA will be both in person in Pittsburgh and online. Being an online delegate was a free option last year.

by Grace Colton