Trinkets & Treasures a Success

Aug 31, 2023 | Beacon, Khasi, News

We give heartfelt thanks to the generous donors, to more than 40 hard-working volunteers, to East Shore’s incredibly supportive staff, and to the many shoppers who made our annual Trinkets & Treasures rummage sale the most successful ever! Together we raised more than $6,300, built community, cleared out our closets, upcycled many items and had lots of fun. New this year: the Campus Aesthetics Team pitched in with an amazing Art Swap, which raised substantial funds for the T&T sale.

The proceeds support teacher salaries at the Unitarian Friendship School, an English-medium primary school run by our partner church in Kharang, Meghalaya, NE India. This year marks the twelfth year East Shore’s has supported the Friendship School. In 2010, our Khasi Unitarian friends had identified education as the primary focus for our partnership. The Friendship School continues to do an outstanding job of qualifying village children for ongoing studies at the high school and university level.

We received praise for Trinkets & Treasures from several seasoned rummage sale shoppers for how well-organized East Shore’s sale was. We hope we built grace with the wider community, and some momentum for even greater success next year.

by Doug Strombom & Barb Clagett, Khasi Hills Ministry Team