Ushering In Our Future

Mar 1, 2022 | Beacon, Members News, News

The past six years at East Shore have been one helluva time. We’ve seen the departure of a long-time minister, a year with no minister, an interim minister, and a developmental minister. We’ve seen changes in how we come together, we’ve embraced Right Relations and circles and we have become a more mutually supportive community. Even through Covid, we have stayed together. Now, in just two months we will be voting on a new settled minister… someone to join us in ushering in the next, exciting phase at East Shore.

What do we want that phase to look like? We have done so much work towards making East Shore more accessible with Zoom services and multi-platform events, more inclusive with the passing of the 8th Principle and our soon to be renewed Welcoming Congregation certification. We continue to strive to be more equitable and diverse and to always lead with our mission: Practice Love, Explore Spirituality, Build Community and Promote Justice.

We have not let Covid stop us, in fact, we had numerous achievements even as we were separated. These two years apart have revealed to us once again that, East Shore is so much more than just the campus and its buildings, it is a COMMUNITY. A community that loves and supports one another through the darkest times. Now that we’re beginning to see the light at the end of this oh-so-long tunnel, we can start to imagine the extraordinary things we can accomplish as we begin meeting, once again, in our beautiful sanctuary.

East Shore is an amazing church for any minister. At least we think so and hope you do too. And it’s why we are asking you to pledge your support, and to pledge early. Let’s show the new minister just how excited we are to look forward together into a shared future! We hope to meet our goal of $650,000 before Candidating Week, scheduled for April 24-May 1. Please return this pledge card early!

As you think about your pledge this year, we hope you will think about the extraordinary goals YOU want for the future of East Shore. Give generously! We also want to encourage you to sign up for automatic withdrawal and to consider becoming a Sustainable Member. Each year, your donations will increase by a percent you choose, to help keep up with increases in costs. Let’s all ensure that East Shore is ready for a bright, vital future!

With love for our beloved East Shore community,

Bill Chappell & Cathy Falanga, Mission Fund Drive Chairs