Volunteers Needed to Welcome Visitors

Dec 20, 2023 | Beacon, News

We, the Membership Development Team, want to make sure that the warmth of our community is felt by visitors. One of the ways is to invite them to sit with one of our faithful congregants during the service. We need congregants who would like to fulfill this role.

We are going to have badges made to identify participating welcomers. They will let the Membership Desk representative know where they are sitting. Upon greeting the newcomers, they will ask them if they would like to sit with one of our members for a welcoming conversation. If so, they will be escorted the newcomers to one of the badge wearers.

To extend our hospitality, the volunteer will ask the visitors if they would like to meet others by staying for coffee, tea and conversation. If so, the welcomer would stay with the visitors and make sure they continue to feel the friendliness of our community.

This opportunity is open to all. Please let Nicole know if you would like to participate.

by Ann Carlstrom, Membership Development Team